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Chicago: Three Centuries of Theatres

More than 30 historic Chicago theatre buildings are featured in "Chicago: Three Centuries of Theatres," an ongoing interpretive display of historic architectural photographs, is on display at THE CHICAGO THEATRE!

THE CHICAGO THEATRE, 175 N. State St., Chicago, is featuring "Chicago: Three Centuries of Theatres" in a very special, long-term engagement with TheatreDreams Inc., the owners and operators of the historic venue (beginning Oct. 23, 2004, and continuing ad infinitum). Please take time to view the show and the theatre's continuing historical exhibit on the CHICAGO THEATRE itself. Both exhibits are displayed in the lower lobby of the CHICAGO THEATRE. View the Web site to learn about upcoming shows and events at the CHICAGO THEATRE.

If you are interested in special events surrounding this installation of "Chicago: Three Centuries of Theatres," please subscribe to Uptown Adviser for invites and updates. View Uptown Adviser to sign up.

What is it?

"Chicago: Three Centuries of Theatres" features vintage façade views from the collections of Joseph R. DuciBella ASID, Theatre Historical Society of America, Chicago Historical Society, and Friends of the Uptown. It focuses on 15 surviving theatres and memorializes several venues of "Lost Chicago." Sponsors include Friends of the Uptown, private donations, and National PhotoImaging Inc. For information, booking and sponsorship opportunities, call (773) 250-7665.

Where can I get one?

Quality prints of historic photographs and booklets of images and texts similar to those showcased in the exhibit are available from Theatre Historical Society of America, Elmhurst, Ill. Call (630) 782-1800, or view the Web site

Where have I heard of this before?

The show debuted to rave reviews in an extended run from November 2003 through July 2004 in the Richard J. Daley Center pedway gallery, 55 W. Washington St., Chicago, where 8,000 to 10,000 passersby viewed it each weekday. The exhibit was hosted by the Daley Center and the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program.

Note: The CHICAGO THEATRE view that appears on this page is courtesy of the Joseph R. DuciBella Collection. Reproduction without permission is prohibited

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