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About Friends of the Uptown

Friends of the Uptown is a diverse advocacy group of volunteers, neighbors, longtime patrons, historians, architecture buffs, entertainment seekers, theater organ enthusiasts and fans of American cinema. Committed to calling attention to the tremendous potential of the Uptown Theatre, Chicago, Friends of the Uptown seeks to elicit support for restoring the venue to its position as an entertainment and economic asset for the neighborhood, city and region.

The group also wishes to acknowledge and learn from the experience of volunteers who have labored selflessly for more than 20 years to keep this unique Chicago venue safe, sound, accessible and viable. We have encouraged and assisted a variety of property owners, reuse prospects and public officials who have expressed interest in supporting a stabilization or renovation project here.

We announced our organization to the public on August 17, 1998, as a volunteer outreach activity of what is now named Landmark Uptown Theatre Corp., an Illinois, 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization set up to do emergency maintenance for the building and to safeguard its remaining assets. We do not, at this time, solicit or accept donations for repairs as the building is privately owned by a real-estate development trust.

Friends receive news updates regarding the past, present and future happenings of the theater, its neighborhood and its peer historic venues around the world. We stay in touch with more than 600 friends through "Uptown Adviser" online and by U.S. Mail contact.

For more information, please subscribe to Uptown Adviser, read the archives, or write:

Friends of the Uptown
c/o Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads
P.O. Box 409095
Chicago, IL 60640-9095


Thank you for your interest. Please stay in touch!

Please note: At this time, Friends of the Uptown, a volunteer advocacy group, is not associated with, does not endorse and does not share its member list with unrelated entities that may be soliciting monetary donations for what may or may not be a renovation and reuse project for the Uptown Theatre, Chicago.

All material copyright 1998 - 2006, Friends of the Uptown